Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Opening Night At The BIFF 2010

Daryl Chill Mitchell was the man of the hour at the opening night for the Belize International Film Festival. Chill spoke about his desire to see how he could help young Belizean Artist realize their dreams. Daryl spoke to an audience of young, eager and talented film makers about his experience in the industry and how they could have a huge impact on the international film world by telling the Belizean Story. He was very candid about the challenges that they would face, but he told them that they should never give up because they have a unique story that only they can tell. The audience was very appreciative of his words of encouragement and took what he said to heart. Chill has been a friend to the people of Belize and has help out over the years with promoting the country, we would like to acknowledge his kindness and hard work and let him know that Belize considers him one of their own. Thanks to all that supported the festival and we look forward to seeing you guys July 15th - July 23rd 2011.

Nigel P. Miguel

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