Friday, July 30, 2010

Belize's Lady Di

As the President of NICH, Ms. Diane Haylock has many responsibilities, she oversees numerous departments within the the body of NICH, which stands for the National Institution of Culture & History. This governmental institution has the enormous task of documenting and preserving the culture of Belize. She also has the role of creating the environment for our budding film industry to grow in Belize. That is were our paths cross, over the past 2 years as Belize's Film Commissioner I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Haylock in bringing awareness of the film industry opportunities to our local Belizeans. I have partnered with some local businessmen and Investors from abroad to assist in building an industry that we could all be proud of. The road has been tough at times but with the support of The Belize Government, Ms. Haylock and the her staff we have made some pretty significant strides. We are now at the crossroads of our 5 year plan and we are very close to locking down our first multi-million dollar project. I wanted to put this blog out there because far too many times we get credit for things that we do and we don't share the credit for what was achieved. In life I've learned that anything that is truly successful has a team element that played a major role in getting it done. I'd like to personally say thank you for your support Ms. Haylock and that the film industry in Belize is truly benefiting from your conscious efforts to see this thing all the way through.The Belize International Film Festival 2010 says thank you as well.

Nigel P. Miguel

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