Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Belizean International Film Festival

The BIFF has just completed it's 5th Annual Festival, the 10 day event celebrated the budding Belizean Film Industry. We were blessed to have incredible guest speakers at our opening night and throughout the week at our workshops. The attendees had a chance to mingle and interact with industry professionals from abroad as well as the local Belizean talent. The message that was most profound throughout the festival was that Belize has many worthwhile stories to tell and that our artist should be the ones telling the story. The phrase Belizean Voice was most commonly used when it came down to describing our efforts on how we should
expose Belize to the world. The most amazing thing is that everyone spoke about the voice of the Belizean people and the many wonderful unique stories we could tell. I left the festival with a sense of purpose for our industry and how it could be the foundation of a powerful movement in the resurgence of the Kriol people and it's culture. Who Say Belize No Got No Culture?

Nigel P. Miguel


  1. So uhh...what about the script writing contest? Haven't heard anything about it.

  2. Andre the Winner of the script writing contest was announced at the closing night of the film festival, it should also be in this weeks newspapers. I will check and see who the winner was and post it on the site. Take care