Monday, December 21, 2009

Shaq Loves Belize

This is a video of Big Shaq on the set of our Verizon Commercial at Universal Studio lot back in 2005. The Superbowl commercial had a host of stars, Kid Rock, Deion Sanders, Cristina Aguilar and the daddy of them all Shaq. Shaq was with the Miami Heat at that time and he was a little down after the losing to the Clippers the night before the shoot, but he still new that Belize was the spot even back then. The commercial was directed by Kinka Usher and it was the genesis for the first Verizon Webisode "BarberShaq" which starred Shaq as a neighborhood barbershop owner who would have all his celebrity friends come by and shoot the breeze with him. The first episode starred him and a pre-oscar Jaime Foxx as they talked about Shaq's departure from the Lakers. Well now it's 2009 and Shaq still loves Belize and he's looking to come down and hangout in the country during the off season.

Nigel P. Miguel
Belize Film commissioner

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