Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Meeting

The meeting finally took place and director Tim Story & The Artist know as "Shyne" finally sat down and talked about his life and his life story. The creative juices were flowing and you could see that both men were feeling the positive energy and that we were here together because of a higher calling. Shyne had the stage and he held his audience captive. There was a small group that attended the meeting and everyone left there convinced that we were a part of something special. I would like to thank God for bringing us all together, thank Tim & Shyne for agreeing to the meeting. I would like to thank my partners Herb Dogan & DJ Alemayehu for making it possible for this to take place in Belize. I would also like to thank our host, Sari Franks and La Perla Del Caribe for housing everyone during our 3 day summit.

Nigel P. Miguel
Belize Film Commissioner

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