Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carmelo Anthony Works With The Belize Film Commissioner

Is this the jersey of the 2009/2010 MVP? Carmelo Anthony might be filming in Belize during the off season. Boy wouldn't it be nice to have the current NBA M.V.P. come to our shores and enjoy the Jewel. Carmelo's team mate Kenyon Martin gave Belize such high praise after his visit Carmelo told me that he would definitely like to visit Belize in the near future. Melo I hate to tell you that Belize is Laker country, but for you I'm sure that we'll find a lot of Nugget fans here. Surprisingly Colorado sends a very high number of tourist here during the season. I think it's because of the awesome dive sites and the raw pristine beauty of the country. Nugget fans don't be left behind, get your tickets and come enjoy Belize during the month of July, when the annual Belize Film Festival is taking place. Date July 16th to July 25th, we have a lot to offer.

Nigel P. Miguel
Belize Film Commissioner

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