Friday, June 4, 2010

Quitting Time/ The Cast and Crew

The Martini Shot on Caye Caulker, this was an amazing day, being a part of a production really brings everyone together. We shot this day with a skeleton crew and everybody had to do double duty since we were a bit short handed. The beauty of the show is that there is a Taste Of Belize in every aspect of life in the country. In future episodes we plan on showing you the best that country has to offer, I truly believe that Belizean cuisine is one par with any food from around the world. The fact that you can enjoy it while looking at a sunrise or a sunset like the one we are watching from the roof of bar at "The Split" just reconfirms that Belize is truly a magical place. Come join us in July down here in paradise for the Belizean International Film Festival July 16th - July 24th 2010 and experience your own "Taste Of Belize"

Nigel P. Miguel

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