Monday, June 28, 2010

Belize Is The Place To Be If You Are Talking Beautiful Location

The definition as stated on Yahoo of Natural Beauty is " a place that needs no enhancements. It's a quality of a location that gives intense pleasure and deep satisfaction". Those two sentences best describe the reason to come to Belize to shoot your next movie, commercial, print shoot or web film. Belize has become a self contained film location. It's locations vary from Mayan ruins, the best underwater photography in the Western Hemisphere, and beautiful tropical forests and includes friendly knowledgeable crews who are willing to work hard for a days wage. Belize has an extremely friendly government that will go out of its way to make your shoot enjoyable, efficient and highly productive.

You have many location choices available to you as a film maker in the world today. The Film Commissioner of Belize is acutely aware of that and is working very hard to create tax incentives for film makers and build up it's local film business so that Belize can compete with anyplace in the world for filming.

Give us a shot, for your next shoot. You will not be disappointed.

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