Monday, September 5, 2011

Minister Of Love & Belize Tourism Minister Manuel Herredia

Minister Herredia was the perfect host for our comedy VIP's, Mr. Faizon Love, Tony Roberts and the Breakthrough Star crew. Min. Herredia celebrated the 2nd year of San Pedro hosting an event at the beautiful Karma Lounge. The setting was amazing as the moonlight night gave us an incredible ambiance for a night with the international dignitaries partied on Ambergris Caye. San Pedro really represented us well to the international film community as the Karma Lounge spared no expense when it came to decorating the beach front for the screening. The Hollywood Stars that attended were really impressed with what the island had to offer and how friendly everyone was on Ambergris Caye. I want to thank Breakthrough Stars for bringing the celebrities, NICH, Horacio Guerrera for putting on a wonderful event and Karma Lounge for hosting such a classy outing. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2012 festival. Nigel P. Miguel B.F.C.

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  1. Manuel Herredia is a very lovable person and very effective in his work as a Tourism Minister. He made a lot of contributions to boost up the tourism in Belize.