Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Testimonial For Belize & The Belize Film Commission.

Jim Aden " I know, I have filmed in many countries and Belize is one of the most, if not THE most, production friendly counties out there. You don't need a "Fixer", you don't need a interpreter for a American crew, (since we only speak English) and you have every kind of environment, and terrain you could need. Friendly local crew members are available, and you have Nigel to back you up. " 47 minutes ago

Thank you Jim.

Nigel P. Miguel


  1. One of the Greatest filming Destinations in the World rivals most Latin/Caribbean Nations world-wide, the most epic of undeveloped, and almost untouched rain forest interiors, and the World's only JAGUAR RESERVE for Jaguar Protection, amazing. I am on by 3rd trip shooting several Film projects, and no one paid us to say this.

    -John Barge III, GSF Productions

  2. Are there any production service companies locally for TV commercial shoots?

  3. Yes there are a few local production services company down there you can get a hold of the film commissioner at 011.501.663.0110 that's if you're calling from the US.