Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day To All The Fathers & Father Figures Out There.

A Father's Day wish! Yesterday I watch my daughter graduate from Elementary/Primary School, today my wife and I took her to orientation for High School, Wow! I watched her and her mother sit through hours of speeches from future teachers and current students at Saint Catherine's Academy in Belize City, tell the people in audience about what to expect in the upcoming school year. The funny thing about all this is that I actually saw my daughter get older as we were sitting there, I listened to the talk from the Vice Principal and how she said that mommy and daddy are no longer responsible for your homework getting done, mommy and daddy are no longer responsible for getting you to school on time, I said my gosh my little girl is becoming a young lady. Fathers I put this request out to you today that at least once a week you do something with your little girl and if you have a little boy spend as much time as possible with him before they become to old and they don't want you around unless it's to put gas in the car or give them some money to go out with their friends. As a man I enjoy working hard and trying to provide for my family, but I am also seeing that it's important to have time for them and to be there for the things that they say are important to them. Father's Day is important day and I'm glad that world set aside a special day for all the fathers, I want to salute my fellow fathers and parents, for doing this tough job that we call parenting, it's definitely something that should be with a partner. I lost my father about 10 years ago and it still seems like only yesterday, I still remember the last time I saw him leave the house when the ambulance came for him early that morning and at the hospital later that day, it was Oct. 30 2002 I was back in California for my parents anniversary and mother's birthday and a few days after we celebrated those 2 events my father left us and all I had were the memories. I was very fortunate because my father always made the time for me and my mother regardless of how tough his workday was he always found time for me. My dad seemed always to be there, no matter what, and in my time of failure as a father I, use that as a barometer to put me back on track. Today was a special day because being at orientation with my daughter, it reminded me of what my father would have done, he was there with us in spirit and I thank God for that. Happy Father's Day

Nigel Miguel

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