Friday, September 3, 2010

Maya Air September Celebration Specials, See The Belize River From The Air

The Belize River, what a glorious site to see, the main vein that runs through the country of Belize. The life line to early settlers of our beautiful jewel. My father in law would to tell me stories of the river and how they would travel for days to make it from St. Paul to Belize City. During the month of September Maya Air had a special to San Pedro and Dangriga from Belize City for $39.00 Belizean Dollars, that's $19.50 to those from the USA. For $19.50 you could see one of the most breathtaking rivers of the Western Hemisphere from an aerial view. Life is funny sometimes, the special rate is for the arrival to your destination. As in life, you should enjoy the journey because if you're not careful you may miss the best part of the trip. Film Belize people and enjoy the unspoiled beauty.

Nigel P. Miguel

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