Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Main Man, J. Pogue

Editor/Producer, Jeff Pogue has been here in Belize working on cutting us a sizzle reel for "The Taste Of Belize" for the past 2 days. We have also been working on 2 other projects for the Belize Film Commission Website & Joey's World Belize. This guy has been doing some wonderful stuff since he has arrived in the country. Jeff has taught me some of the new tricks on Final Cut Pro, and we got a chance to really capture the beauty of Altun Ha and the surrounding area. We plan on getting some jungle footage from Maskall Village and the 9 villages of The Baboon Sanctuary. I got a chance to show him the magic of the little Sony HD Camera, HDR-XR520 our new best friend. He in returned helped me to better understand our Sony EX3.

Well we finally got out of the production office and into the jungle to get some more B Roll footage for our TV show "A Taste of Belize" and some glamor footage for The Belize Film Commission website. We started the day traveling through the 9 villages of The Baboon Sanctuary and stopped to see a troupe of Howler Monkeys in the village of Flowers Bank. Flowers Bank is sleepy little village, which is in the heart of the Belize River Valley. We arrived early Monday morning anticipating to hear the welcome music of the Howler Monkeys, to our surprise there was no music and I was starting to get nervous. Our guide Ruben quickly told us that because of the cold weather the baboons weren't very active but that they would crank up the sound up by mid day. I got a little impatient because we were on a very tight schedule so we ventured deeper into the jungle and that's when we got in trouble, because of the rainy weather the ground was a little soft and we got stuck. Thanks to Jeff and our guide Ruben we were freed in about 30 minutes.

Nigel P. Miguel
Belize Film Commissioner

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